The PROPinquity Dance Jam

"Propinquity" refers to the physical or psychological proximity between people and how this closeness organizes people and their bodies. "Propinquity Theory" states that individuals affiliate with one another because of spatial or geographical proximity.

The PROPinquity Dance Jam, produced by REAson d'etre dance productions (RDDP) uses props as a tool to encourage kinesthetic discovery and joy of play within yourself and others. It also is a great work-out that can build strength and coordination. RDDP provides eight-foot dowels and elastic bands, rollers, and balls of all sizes including tether balls and gymnastic cannons for people to use in solo practice of in duet or trios. This is all done in an outdoor setting with a protocol for disinfecting props while maintaining a physical distance of 6 feet from each other (as per current government COVID-19 prevention recommendations).

To act within current government recommendations RDDP will also be
- collecting contact info in case contact tracing needs to be done.
- Limetting jam size to nine people plus one facilitator

RDDP also require you to bring:
Your bring own mask that covers your chin, mouth, and nose.
*Please note mask-wearing is not required for the whole jam only for portions of the jam such as check-in and picking up and returning your props from the prop area.

DAY: Every Friday until November 2020

6:00 pm (EDT) Check-In
6:15 pm The PROPinquity Dance Jam
7:40 short closing circle

All attendee must pre-register at

Registration is limited to nine attendees plus one facilitator

$5 to $25 sliding scale based on what you can afford. Pre-register to pay at

Kathleen Rea

Close to high park Nature Center
375 Colborne Lodge Drive in High Park
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Those with disabilities are welcome. Please contact us at if you require accommodation or if you have any questions about access.

Unfortunately, the High Park subway (the closest subway) does not have an elevator (TTC is planning elevator installation for 2023). Cars are allowed in the park on Friday nights. There is a parking lot close to the Nature Center which has a slightly inclined path that leads to the grassy areas where we will be dancing. There is one curb up to the grassy areas. If you are using a wheelchair let us know you are attending and we will bring a sheet of plywood to make a temporary ramp. The surface for dancing is relatively flat well-mowed grass. If you need an entirely flat surface to maneuver a wheelchair there is also a cover porch with a ramp entrance available for use.

The event is canceled if it rains and refunds will be given.

A mask that covers nose, mouth, and chin