The Axis Syllabus Mondays

Dynamic movement as seen through the lens of the Axis Sylabuss

DESCRIPTION: Monday mornings for movers who want to study the Axis Syllabus and want to learn choreographed motifs, as well as applicable anatomy. Classes run from September to end of May weekly except for some holidays breaks

WHAT IS THE AXIS SYLLABUS? The Axis Syllabus, consolidated by Frey Faust, is a compendium or encyclopedia of information relevant to the training, preparation and performance of the moving human body anatomical attributes and ways of moving that are basically safe and energy conservative. By referring to physics, anatomy and relevant scientific data from various fields, The Axis Syllabus provides comparative data on flexibility, strength, alignment, injuries and movement practices. Teachers of the Axis Syllabus use these references to inform their movement choices to explore the what where and how of efficiency and safe risk-taking, common-sense applications of principles that apply to every-life activities as well, such as, climbing, horseback riding, house-cleaning, construction work, sports, dance, running, etc.
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Those that want to be involved in the Axis Syllabus, form an international community through the ASIRN a dynamic and interactive forum of teachers, researchers and students.

Jan 7 - Certified teacher of the AS

Jan 14 - Madeleine Shen Lopez

Jan 21 - Madeleine Shen Lopez

Jan 28 - Madeleine Shen Lopez

Feb 4 - Claire Turner Reid (teacher candidate)

Feb 11 - Madeleine Shen Lopez


Feb 25 - Kathleen Rea (teacher candidate)

Mar 4- Madeleine Shen Lopez

Mar 11 - Madeleine Shen Lopez

Mar 18 - Kathleen Rea (teacher candidate)

Mar 25 - Kathleen Rea (teacher candidate)

April 1 - Kathleen Rea (teacher candidate)

Apr 8 - Kathleen Rea (teacher candidate)

Apr 15 - Madeleine Shen Lopez

Apr 22 - Madeleine Shen Lopez

Apr 29 - Claire Turner Reid (teacher candidate)

May 6 - Claire Turner Reid (teacher candidate)

May 13 - Certified teacher of the AS or teacher Candidate

May 20 - Certified teacher of the AS (Civic Holiday& we have class)

May 27 - Certified teacher of the AS or teacher Candidate

9:15 am - 9:30 am Warm up on your own
9:30 am - 11:30 am - Training in the Axis Syllabus

LOCATION: Basement Gym of St. Casimir's Church 156 RONCESVALLES AVE. TORONTO,

Card of Ten - $170 ($17 a class and must be used by May 27, 2019)
Card of Five - $90 ($18 a class and must be used by May 27, 2019)
Drop-in - $20

Scholarships available

We accept Debit, Cash, Credit, and Cheque at the door You can also buy on-line

Those that buy passes will have access to private Facebook video, doc and link share through which class content is uploaded by teachers.

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