What is Contact Dance?
What is the Axis Syllabus?


- To teach and inspire people about contact dance improvisation, dance/theatre and the axis syllabus through the creation and production of classes, workshops, dance jams, performances and festivals.

- To work with a range of junior, mid-career and senior dance artists to explore generational themes and storytelling. This provides learning experiences for youth, as well as creative opportunities for senior dance artists.

- To ensure the accessibility of the dance arts to the public through inclusive programming and scholarship programs.

- To explore current themes in workshops, events and performances in a manner that enables the public to benefit from the enlivening powers of expression through movement.

- To encourage and support the every day person in becoming artists

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What is Contact Dance Improvisation?
Contact dance improvisation is a social dance involving touch, in which momentum between two or more people is used to create and inspire dance movements. The dance form is practiced with or without music. Techniques include rolling point of contact, balancing over a partner’s centre of gravity, following momentum, and “listening” with one’s skin surface. Contact dance improvisation is accessible to people with no previous dance training and to people with physical disabilities.

What is the Axis Syllabus?
The Axis Syllabus, first consolidated by Frey Faust, is a collection of anatomical attributes and ways of moving that are basically safe and energy conservative. The Axis Syllabus seeks to provide accessible information on body alignment and movement practices using physics, anatomy and relevant scientific data from various fields, as a guide. In classes led by teachers of the Axis Syllabus, spiral and wave-like movements are often used to create kinetic energy and minimize excess tension. Exercises can prompt internal discoveries that people can transfer into their daily life or any activity with a movement focus. For more info see:

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- Creation of dance performances, dance films, dance film festivals, dance workshops, dance jams.

- Mentoring of artists.

- Educate the public, dance/theatre, axis syllabus and the creative process through events such as audience creator chats and creative process blogs that give an inside view of the artist's process.

- Accessible programing

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REAson d'etre dance productions is a not-for-profit charitable dance company founded in 1999 by Kathleen Rea. Since inception the company has produced five main stage performance evenings, and over 100 dance workshops. In all these endeavors REAson d'etre dance productions ensured the accessibility of its programming by offering scholarships and reduced rates to those in need. By including apprentice position in many of its projects REAson d'être dance productions also has been able to mentor youth and emerging artists.
REAson d'être dance productions also has co-production credits following not-for profit companies: the Chimera Project, Kaeja d’Dance, the Parkdale BIA and princess productions.
In 2005 REAson d'être dance productions won a gold prize at the Festival Der Nationen (Austria) for the co-production of Lapinthrope, a dance film that explored mental health issues and marginalization and, screened at 14 international film festivals and Bravo Television.
In 2007 REAson d'être dance productions created Close Knit for Scotiabank Nuit Blanche 2007. Close Knit involved classes, site specific installations and performances that combined knitting and dance. All events were open to the public throughout the night on the streets of Parkdale, Toronto.
In 2008 REAson d'etre dance productions was nominated for three Dora Mavor Moore awards, including outstanding choreography (Kathleen Rea), dance performance (Karen Kaeja) and sound design/composition (Snowblink) for the production of Long Live, a story ballet that explored death and the grieving process.

REAson d’etre dance productions founded and produces the Wednesday Dance Jam, an event which has run every Wednesday since 1999. It consists of a one hour contact dance class followed by an hour and half of dance practice with live music. The Wednesday Dance Jam services up to 500 participants of all ages and training levels a year. Per year it also employs 15 teachers and 25 musicians and offers 20 to 30 dance training scholarships to those with limited financial resources. Over the years numerous creative relationships have formed between dance artists and musicians who got to know each other at the Wednesday Dance jam. It has also enabled hundreds of people from all walks of life to discover a love of dance.
More info in the Wednesday Dance Jam

In 2013 REAson d’etre dance productions launched the Contact Dance International Film Festival which will be repeated every two years.
More info on CDIFF

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