REAson d’etre dance productions inspires people through contact dance improvisation and dance/theatre. We create, produce and program dance works on stage and in film. We explore current themes in a manner that enables people to benefit from the enlivening and thought-provoking powers of expression through movement. We tell inter-generational stories that represent current themes in the world. We strive for a high level of community engagement through classes, jams, and all-level performance opportunities. We believe that every “body” can dance, and we work to increase the accessibility of the dance arts in Canada. Alongside producing professional work, we encourage and support the every day person in becoming artists.

  Wednesday Dance Jam Artist in Residency application Deadline is May 1, 2019
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  NEW ongoing Monday morning training in the Axis Syllabus
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  Toronto Wednesday Dance Jam
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  Affiliated Blog Contact Improv Consent Culture is accepting submission (articles, poems, art) on the subject of dance practice in relation to consent. Send submissions to
  Saturday January 26, 2019 Person of Colour Dance Jam
Co-produced with Leslie Heydon and RDDP
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Sunday January 27, 2019 EVERY BODY can dance jam.
Co-produced with Making Contact Dance
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  May 15, 2019 Community Performance Night with Guest Artists

  2019 Contact Dance International Film Festival - June 29 to July 1, 2019 in Toronto
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