Statement on June 8, 2020

As a Contact Improvisation based company, REAson d'etre dance productions is coming forward publicly in support of Ming-Bo Lam’s open letter to the dance community in which she describes a choreographer who used invitations to practice contact improvisation as part of a sexual predatory act. REAson d’etre dance productions works towards supporting a consent-based culture within which to practice contact improvisation. We define consent culture in this context as following people's enthusiastic "yes", rather than waiting for, or overriding, someone's "no" or “maybe” in all aspects of practicing Contact Improvisation, including dancing and the social scene at contact jams. Clearly in the story Ming-Bo Lam describes in her open letter this was not followed in the context of practicing contact improvisation. We absolutely do not condone this behaviour and work towards prevention and education to try and prevent such predatory behaviors from occurring. We celebrate Ming-Bo Lam's strength and bravery in coming forward with her story. We have been working towards implementing policy and structure to prevent and address situations such as Ming-Bo Lam describes in her open letter for many years. Please see our current document that is part of many initiatives supporting Consent Culture at the Wednesday Contact Jam. We regard all such initiatives as being in work-in-progress states, as we understand they not a perfect structures and will need further work and adaptations over time. We welcome feedback as we go through this process. We offer our structures we have created in support of consent culture as a resource to other dance organizations.  We are willing to consult/brainstorm/plan with other dance organizations to support consent culture.
Kathleen Rea

Statement on June 3, 2020
REAson d'etre dance productions is committed providing artistic expression through movement, inclusive of age, ability, level background, or race. We stage and program works based on Contact-Dance Improvisation so we can utilize the inclusiveness that can be a part of this dance form. Our vision is for both professional dancers and everyday people to be inspired and invigorated by Contact Dance Improvisation. This mandate involves initiatives that work to dismantle racism and other isms as their existence makes achieving our mandate not possible. We are committed to examining the art form of contact improvisation and acknowledging its history of inequity. We strive to educate ourselves and to take action to rectify these issues. The events of the last week remind us that we have a responsibility to stand up and speak out, for change. Along with arts organizations around the world, we are taking time to reflect and be in solidarity with the black community.

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