REAson d'etre productions with choreographer Kathleen Rea
  Men's Circle
Screen this dance-theatre work by Kathleen Rea


Stage production from 2017. There is currently a film version available for screening. Bring the film version to your community to highlight the importance issue of men's mental health.

"nothing can prepare the viewer for the gradual elegance and intense poignancy that evolves over the course of this unique ninety minute arrangement of dance, theatre, and music" (Bateman Reviews)

Men’s Circle
A new dance-theatre work that delves into the stories of men in a therapy group. The work was created by Kathleen Rea, an award-winning choreographer and Registered Psychotherapist using arts-based methods. In this piece, Rea combines her fifteen years of experience in therapy practice with her skills as a choreographer to create a story that follows seven fictional characters as they meet weekly in a therapeutic support group.  The brave dancers in this piece each use their personal life stories as a jumping off point into a fictional character.  Stories are told through text and through the metaphors of dance and music.  There are also moments of audience participation in which people who self-identify as male, currently or at some point in their lives, can join in.