The PROPinquity Dance Jam

"Propinquity" refers to the physical or psychological proximity between people and how this closeness organizes people and their bodies. "Propinquity Theory" states that individuals affiliate with one another because of spatial or geographical proximity.

The PROPinquity Dance Jam, produced by REAson d'etre dance productions (RDDP) uses props as a tool to encourage kinesthetic discovery and joy of play within yourself and others. It also is a great work-out that can build strength and coordination. RDDP provides eight-foot dowels and elastic bands, rollers, and balls of all sizes including tether balls and gymnastic cannons for people to use in solo practice of in duet or trios. This is all done in an outdoor setting with a protocol for disinfecting props while maintaining a physical distance of 6 feet from each other (as per current government COVID-19 prevention recommendations).

DAY: Every Saturday morning until November 2020

10 am (EDT) Check-In
(latecomers will only be allowed in if they make it to at least part of the opening circle and they have learned the prop disinfection protocol at a previous session)

10:15 pm The PROPinquity Dance Jam

11:30 short closing circle

20 Registered participants so that with as this is the number we figure we can safely host during the pandemic.

All attendee must pre-register at

$5 to $25 sliding scale based on what you can afford. Pre-register at to arrange payment.
* Please note there are only three $5 spots and four $10 spots and after they sell out they are no longer available. We need to do this to cover the cost of buy all the props and disinfectants.

The event is canceled if it rains or the ground is muddy and refunds will be given.

Kathleen Rea and Jeff Moskal

Picnic Area # 22 in High Park, Toronto. Ontario, Canada.
Close to Spring road parking lot which you can access from Parkside Road and Garden Ave. From the parking lot walk north and take the first path left to get to picnic area #22. You will see a tarp with our props all laid out.


A mask that covers nose, mouth, and chin.
Remember to wear warm clothes and bring a sweater as the days are getting cooler now.

Do you agree to arrive by 10:00 am because you understand that the being at the opening circle establishes safety for the whole group (we go over screening questions, who is in a social bubble and safety protocol, and we get to meet each other)

Are you experiencing any of the following COVID-19 symptoms: shortness of breath/breathing difficulties, fever, coughing, loss of smell or taste, sore throat, headache, muscle pain, chills? If please seek medical attention and you must not attend the Propinquity Dance Jam. We will give you a refund if you have already paid.

Have you knowingly been in contact with anyone who has contracted COVID-19 in the last 14 days? If so please notify public health and you must not attend the PROPinquity Dance Jam. We will give you a refund if you have already paid.

Have you returned from traveling outside of Ontario in the last 14 days? If so were where you and what means of travel did you use?

Have you returned from traveling outside of Canada in the last 14 days? If please so you must not attend the PROPinquity Dance Jam. We will give you a refund if you have already paid.

Is there someone attending with you who is in your household or social bubble? If so please tell the group.

Do you agree to keep a minimum of 6 feet between yourself and those not in your household or social bubbles/pods?

Do you agree to follow the prop disinfection protocol and to show up between 10:00 am pm to learn what these protocols are if you do not know them already?

Do you agree to wear a mask when you are requested to do so?

Do you agree to give us contact info in-case contact racing is needed?

Do you recognize that despite this screening, the prop disinfecting, and mask-wearing protocols there may still be some risk involved in meeting socially distanced outdoors? Do you accept this risk as part of your participation?

Those with disabilities are welcome. Please contact us at if you require accommodation or if you have any questions about access.

Keele Subway is currently installing an elevator. Keele Bus Number #80 that goes south down at Parkside is wheelchair accessible.

There is a path to the dance area.

The dance area is well-cut grass.

Long before John Howard called it “High Park”, this land had been traveled and inhabited by Indigenous people since the last ice age receded. The land I am standing on today is the traditional territory of many nations including the Mississaugas of the Credit, the Anishinaabe, the Chippewa, the Haudenosaunee, and the Wendat peoples. Indigenous feet and paddles created the trails and water routes. The remnant Black Oak Savannah that remains the heart of High Park today is an ecosystem in which the indigenous inhabitants and the natural environment became extensions of each other over some 4000 years. Through carefully timed and controlled fires, Indigenous people maintained the Black Oak Savannahs, simultaneously improving the health of both humans and the ecosystem.

The arrival of the European fur traders in the 1600s led to changing power dynamics and alliances. The British signed several treaties with the Anishinaabe, negotiating deals that deceitfully gave the British most of southern Ontario. In 1787 the Toronto Purchase was negotiated with chiefs of the Mississauga resulting in the Crown’s acquisition of 250,000 acres. Because the agreement was so flawed, the government re-negotiated the terms of the treaty in 1805, but again with duplicity. The Mississauga continued their fight for justice regarding this corrupt deal for 200 years. A settlement with the Canadian Government was finally reached recently.

REAson d’etre dance productions have donated $500 (for the 2020 year) to the Native Canadian Centre of Toronto as thank you for the use of these Indigenous territories for the PROPinquity Dance Jam. Please do not applaud us for this donation as it is a very low amount given the level of reparations due.