Lapinthrope is a 30 minute film which tells the story of a girl taken in as a foundling by wild rabbits. As she comes of age, she must return to humankind in the city, where she faces the pain and troubles of being different in a conformist world. The viewer is enticed to see urban living from a new perspective as we see the bustling city life through her eyes. Lapinthrope weaves together expressive movement, a live urban environment and fairy-tale in a visceral cinematic experience which questions modern urbanization and the nature of civilization.

Written by: Kathleen Rea and Alec Kinnear

Choreographed by: Kathleen Rea

Directed by: Alec Kinnear

Produced by: Decadence Films

Music by: Rachel Smith

Actors/Dancers: Anna Hein, Finally Jamison, Ella Gladstone, Lisa Goldhart, Malgorzata Nowacka, William Yong, Allen Kaeja, Jonathan Neville and Nigel Wolf

Film Festival Premiere: Spring 2005, Prague

Television premiere: December, 11, 7: 30 PM, Bravo! Canada

Support and giving by: BRAVO!Fact and Canada Council for the Arts (Dance on Screen Pilot Project)

Style: Sharp, high contrast images create a heightened magic realism that places the fairy-tale genre in the real world. The story is staged in a bustling city where the actors intermingle with un-staged pedestrians who react spontaneously to the drama with a range of emotions. The rabbit-woman tries to communicate with the people she meets through an expressive animal like physicality. The viewer experiences city life through the rabbit-woman’s eyes and is enticed to see urban living from a new perspective. Lapinthrope is a Canadian/Austrian co-production which includes diverse talent. Co-creators Alec Kinnear and Kathleen Rea have established a unique cinematic voice by drawing together their theatre and film expertise with a quirky sense of humor and a desire to address vital social issues. Alec Kinnear directed and edited the action sequences in Lapinthrope so the viewer feels directly involved in the story. Kathleen’s choreography captures the animal nature of the rabbit-woman and the emotional nuances that she experiences. Canadian musician Rachel Smith’s album the Clearing, provides a powerful lyrical sound-track. Austrian dance star Anna Hein takes the viewer through forest, highway, city and hospital, breathing life into Lapinthrope each step of her journey.

Awards: Golden bear for best long film in the Festival Der Nationen (Austrian short film festival)

Screened at:

Pine Film Festival / Portland Oregon, USA

Mumbai International Film Festival / Mumbai, India

San Diego International Children's Film Festival / San Diego, USA

eKsperim[E]nto! / Touring festival in the Philippines

El Festival de Cine Bogotá / Bogotá, Columbia

Evenement Danse 2D / Ottawa, Canada

International Panorama of Independent Film / Athens

Planet In Focus / Toronto, Canada

Festival Der Nationen / Ebensee, Austria

Dance Screen Brighton 2005 IMZ / Brighton, UK

Sopot Film Festival / Sopot, Poland

The International Television Festival Golden Prague

Exground Filmfest Wiesbaden / Wiesbaden, Germany

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