What is Contact Dance?
Artistic Easthetic


We strive to provide artistic expression through movement, inclusive of age, ability, level or background. We stage and program works based on Contact Dance Improvisation so we can utilize the inclusiveness that can be a part of this dance form. Our vision is for both professional dancers and everyday people to be inspired and invigorated by Contact Dance Improvisation. This mandate involves initiatives that work to dismantle racism and other isms as their existence makes achieving our mandate not possible.

Artistic Aesthetic
We believe that increasing accessibility breaks down barriers to dance, creating a stunning humanity. We strive for inclusiveness while still reaching for a rigorous and valuable artistic aesthetic. 

Our Contact Dance jams are the root from which all programming grows. Jams are a mix of performance, research, rehearsal and incubator. A musician improvises, sweeping dancers into explorations of different themes. Teaming Contact Dance with exceptional live music deepens the form. People alternate between dancing and watching the performance. The jams build community. It's about relationships, with the quality of communication being the aesthetic measure. 

Classes in functional movement help Contact Dancers move with ease and prevent injury. We see healthy movement as beautiful and reach for it as an artistic aesthetic. 

The creative meeting of dancers and musicians at our Jams gives birth to ideas and collaborations that become main-stage professional works. Our productions use multi-disciplinary story-telling involving dialogue, music and song, with Contact Dance at their heart. Professional dancers, ranging in ages, enable inter-generational story-telling that brings meaning to people's lives.

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What is Contact Dance Improvisation?
Contact dance improvisation is a social dance involving touch, in which momentum between two or more people is used to create and inspire dance movements. The dance form is practiced with or without music. Techniques include rolling point of contact, balancing over a partner’s center of gravity, following momentum, and “listening” with one’s skin surface. Contact dance improvisation is accessible to people with no previous dance training and to people with physical disabilities.

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- Creation and production of dance performances, dance films, festivals, dance workshops and dance jams.

- Mentoring of artists.

- provide scholarships to those in need

- Educate the public, through events such as audience creator chats and creative process blogs that give an inside view of the artist's process.

- provide inclusive training programing

- Anti-racism education initiatives

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1999: REAson d'etre dance productions (RDDP) founded.

2009: Incorporated.

1999: Inaugural Wednesday Dance Jam. Running every Wednesday for 20 years, it's the creative heart from which all RDDP programming emerges.

2002: "Flux". First collaboration with musician live on stage; a Now Magazine "Top Ten Show". Inspired Kathleen to include live music as a key to RDDP programming. 

2004: "Lapinthrope". Dance film, screened at 14 festivals. Fully embraced storytelling in a fable of a woman who grew up with wild rabbits.

2008: "Long Live". Theatrical story-line, live original music, large inter-generational cast. Nominated for three DORA's. 

2013: The inaugural Contact Dance International Film Festival

2015: started Axis Syllabus series to help dancers move with greater ease and prevent injury. Influenced Kathleen's choreography, which now srtives to includes movements that work with a dancer's body.

2016: started EVERY BODY Can Dance Jam, providing a place for people to dance using wheelchairs, inclusive of all abilities. Fully embracing the accessibility inherent in Contact Dance.

2016/2017: Kathleen creates "Men's Circle", a stage production that tells the story of men in a therapy group. This piece involved script writing and theatrical direction. Truly multidisciplinary story-telling with Contact Dance at its heart. 

2019: The Person of Colour Contact jam is started lead by Leslie Heydon

2019/2020: Kathleen Rea and Vivian Chong create "Dancing with the Universe" that tells the story of Vivian losing her site and discovering herself as a multidisciplinary artist.

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