"Dancing with the Universe" was performed to standing standing ovations both nights. Bravo Vivian and cast and crew!

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Kathleen Rea returns to the stage to perform this solo dance work created by choreographer Newton Moraes a Toronto-based Brazilian choreographer with lighting by Sharon Digenova. Moraes lives to transform moments that mark life, positive or negative, into dance. He has intricately woven Rea’s experiences into an imagistic tapestry of human expression - a testament to Rea, who as a mature dancer, brings a depth of presence and experience to the stage. The title, “Five Angels on the Steps” derives from Rea’s near-death experience in which she floated out of her body and met five angels. What she learned from them is the driver of this dance work. This dance work delves into death, madness, visions, anatomy, sensuality, little monsters, love and loss.

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$40 CAN - Hard Cover from Ben McNally Book in Toronto

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Vivian Chong's graph memoir "Dancing After TEN" in which Vivian tells her life story of losing her sight and finding her voice as a multidisciplinary artist has arrived in Toronto. The book is co-created by Vivian Chong and Georgia Webber and was short listed for the 2020 Toronto Book Awards. With the cancellation of the dance theatre show "Dancing with the Universe"and the "Dancing After TEN" book launch in April 2020 we have 170 copies to sell!

November 9, 2020 Press release -
REAson d’etre dance productions announces that Vivian Chong’s “Dancing After TEN” graphic memoir published by Fantagraphics is shortlisted for the Toronto Book Awards
After cornea surgery temporarily restored her sight, Vivian Chong raced against time to draw her graphic memoir. When her vision once again faded, she enlisted comics artist Georgia Webber and project manager and image describer Kathleen Rea who worked together to complete this poignant work of graphic medicine...

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