REAson d'etre productions with choreographer Kathleen Rea

Five Angels on the Steps

COVID Safety Protocol:

All attendees must show proof of vaccination status. HEPA filters will be running in the theatre. Attendees must be masked. All performers, front of the house, and creative and technical teams will have up-to-date COVID vaccination status.


Kathleen Rea returns to the stage to perform this solo dance work created by choreographer Newton Moraes a Toronto-based Brazilian choreographer who lives to transform moments that mark life, positive or negative, into dance. He has intricately woven Rea’s experiences into an imagistic tapestry of human expression - a testament to Rea, who as a mature dancer, brings a depth of presence and experience to the stage.

The title, “Five Angels on the Steps” derives from Rea’s near-death experience in which she floated out of her body and met five angels. What she learned from them is the driver of this dance work. The angels are forever present in the work, represented by five large octagonal cylinders. Inevitably, Rea’s unique perspective from living with Autism also permeates the work. Along for the ride is “Skelly”, Rea's anatomical skeleton that she uses to teach functional movement in her everyday life.

This dance work delves into death, madness, visions, anatomy, sensuality, little
monsters, love and loss.

Virual Box Office:

Creative Team:
Choreographer - Newton Moraes
Dancer - Kathleen Rea
Lighting Design - Sharon DiGenova
Publicity Photos - David Hou

On Demand Virtually

For Adults:
Suitable for a mature audience (16 plus). Bring a mask and proof of up-to-date COVID vaccination

Toronto Arts Council and Ontario Trillium Foundation

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