"beautifully rich, poignant and lyrical"

IRE is a 47 minute dance piece that explores the inter-weaving of intimacy and conflict between woman in their relationships as friends, sisters, daughters and mothers.

Premiere: VIVID 2006, July 2006 (Winchester Street Theatre)

Choreographer: Kathleen Rea

Performers and co-creator: Johanna Bergfeldt, Bess Callard, Anna Finkel, Pam Johnson, Karen Kaeja and Teisha Smith with cellist Anne Bourne

Quote from an audience member:
I just got back from seeing "Ire", and I wanted to send you a quick e-mail and say what a incredible piece you created.  It was absolutely amazing.  I was moved to tears at so many points, watching pieces of my experience as a mother, daughter, girl and woman being danced in front of me.  You wove everything together so beautifully - each dancer is a participant in a greater whole but telling unique stories.  I loved how each dancer observed, held, raged, changed, fought.  And I felt as if the dancers were in a spontaneous, emerging conversation.  Talk about seamless choreography.  As a mother I feel this dance how my girls watch me as I move in and out of my anger and watch/help/fight/ them with theirs. - Anonymous

Press: Six formidable female dancers, deals with intimacy and aggression in the lives of  women, set to cellist/singer Anne Bourne’s compelling original score interwoven with Bach suites. Ire portrays many relationships of a woman’s life – with her friends, her children – and we see both nurture and anger. The choreography is beautifully rich, poignant and lyrical. Paula Citron, July 2006- Classical 96.3 FM

Creation was supported by: Ontario Arts Council, the Laidlaw Foundation and the Toronto Arts Council

Produced by: REAson d'etre dance productions

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