Men's Circle

"seamless act of physical and emotional courage on her part and the part of the dancers involved... The vulnerability we are often taught to erase in men is fully realized throughout the piece in a variety of gorgeous choreographed modes. " Bateman Reviews


Description: An ensemble piece that follows the story of men in a therapy group.

Premiered: Nov 2017 (Betty Oliphant Theatre)

Kathleen Rea

Performers and co-creators: Allen Kaeja, Bill Coleman, Mateo Galindo Torres, Kousha Nakhaei, Paul Lewis, Deltin Sejour, Rudi Natterer, Harold Tausch

Dramturge and Lighting design: Tristan R. Whiston

Stage Manager: Michael Haltrecht

Choreographed with support from: Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council, the Toronto Arts Council and Canada's Ballet Jorgen

Produced by: REAson d'etre dance productions

Photos: Men's Circle Photo Gallery

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